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Until now, more than 10 000 people was traveled with us. Life is the journey. Choose yours.

4Invest Ltd is a Sarajevo based company set up in 2015 primarily focused on offering consulting services to foreign individuals or companies interested in investing in Bosnia and Herzegovina or facilitating high-end services for customers looking for leisure and luxury whilst visiting the country or planning their travels.

Company setup represents the culmination of a matured vision of the vast potential which Bosnia and Herzegovina has yet to offer to regional and global visitors and investors in the years to come.

Country’s comparative advantage lies in its “one size fits all” tradition. Multinational, multiethnic and multireligious in nature, it guarantees personal and religious freedoms which anyone can enjoy. At the same time it stands half way between the European Union, Asia Minor, the Middle East and the vast markets in Eastern Europe, including Russia. It is on the Adriatic Coast with direct access to the Mediterranean and has all-season round tourism capacities.

With years of experience in finance, project management and trade we seek to attract visitors and investors to materialize their ideas and experiences inside Bosnia and Herzegovina in the spirit of mutual benefit.

We engage in a broad portfolio of activities, thus our Team is experienced in a variety of fields inter alia economics, law, and entrepreneurship. Our Team is well educated, dedicated, able to coordinate complex tasks and fluent in a number of languages.

Taking professional experiences from a number of European countries, our key goal is to replicate highest standards of business administration when engaging with clients. We cherish the chance to communicate, listen to your interests, ideas, visions and to channel them into a number of possible outcomes for your consideration.

Your positive experience when visiting or considering investments in Bosnia and Herzegovina is our key goal.

What we do?

Sale of property:

– Representation of property owners and lessees,
– Matchmaking,
– Representation during property sale,
– Drawing up a strategic plan for development and revitalization of property,
– Assessing property value.


– Organizing custom made tours across Bosnia and Herzegovina based on client needs;
– Offering individual services such as guides, information, products based on client needs.

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