Vrelo Bosne

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The spring (Vrelo Bosne) rises at the foot of Mt. Igman and has over 60 karst springs. It is a morphological, hydrological, botanical and horticultural monument, and one of the locals’ favorite outdoor spots. Bacevo, the main spring of drinkable water in Sarajevo, is located at Vrelo Bosne. It covers the area of 603 ha and it is a home to 26 plant species and more than 20 animal species, including some endemic species.

One such, the brook trout can be found in Mala Bosna; six springs from the site of Vrelo Bosne pours into this stream.

The tree alley is also connected with Stojcevac, another outdoor spot with parks, forests, wild rose, raspberry and blackberry bushes. In a few-minute walk you can visit the archaeological site of the Church of St. Stephen the Protomartyr from the 10th century (Crkva sv. Stjepana Prvomucenika), as well as the Roman Bridge (Bridge at Plandiste) built in the Ottoman period.

Carriage-ride is a symbol of Vrelo Bosne. The traditional horse-driven carriage has run along the tree for over a century. To this day, lives the memory of the first carriage ride which took Archduke Franz Ferdinand along the alley in 1895.