Waterfall Štrbački Buk

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National Park Una is situated in the northwest of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and it encompasses total area of 19.800 hectares. The park combines valuable natural features, such as versatile and preserved landscapes of exceptional beauty, with rich historical and cultural heritage of the people inhabiting the area. In the National Park Una we will visit the most magnificent waterfalls at Štrbački buk and Martin Brod as well as the beautiful cascades at Lohovo.

The Štrbački buk waterfalls are on the Una River, spanning the boundary between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia. The most prominent hydrological, relief and landscape-shaping feature of the park are the sinter travertine barriers of the river Una. The entire flow of the Una is shaped by those travertine formations, and the most beautiful examples of this natural phenomenon can be found within the National park, at the sights of Martin Brod, Štrbački buk, Troslap and Dvoslap.